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Ryan directs theatre in genres including classical, contemporary, surrealist, musical theatre, and immersive productions. He is passionate about developing new works and bringing fresh interpretations to classic plays. His production of The Tempest highlighted the play's themes of colonialism while staying true to the original story. He believes that every production must answer the question, "Why now?" He asks his entire team to answer this question, resulting in productions that are timely, relevant, and resonant with audiences.


His approach to rehearsal is deeply collaborative. He prioritizes engaging storytelling and moment-to-moment acting to create visceral and emotionally honest productions. 


He believes theater should expand our perception of the world. He strives to push the boundaries of theatre and discover new ways to excite and inspire the audience.

Bardcore: Titus Andronicus

American Repertory Theater, Club Oberon

Boston, MA

Producers: Leland Frankel, Joey Donnelly

Fight Director: Joel Derby 

Sound Supervisor: Alex Giorgetti

Photographer: Bartholomew Singer

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

By William Shakespeare

Immersive Production

University at Buffalo Center for the Arts

Buffalo, NY

Stage Manager: Michael Tosto

The Tempest

By William Shakespeare

Produced by Soho Shakespeare Company

New York, NY

Assistant Director: Hallie Smythe

Stage Manager: Daniel Brothers

Cast: Jack Wetherall (Showtime’s “Queer as Folk” and Broadway’s “The Elephant Man”), James Joseph O’Neil, Marcus Stewart, Karen Johal, Chris Reed Brown, Jeffrey Marc, Lauren Noll, Lydia Stinson, Shayna Conde, Sasha Hirsch, and Jesse Friedman.

The Leader

By Eugene Ionesco

Producer: Hedgehog Productions

Follow the Honey

Boston, MA

Stage Manager: Pam Ross

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